Broken Vessels and Faulty Anchors

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.” Isaiah 26:3

Ever have one of those days when your frustration comes face to face with your peace? You know, when you do all that you know to do, and you still don’t know how to get where you want to be, whether it be financially, relationally, or professionally? When you trust and believe with everything inside of you and you’re left with more question marks than answers? Like no matter what you do, it’s not now nor will it ever be enough? Any of you every experience that or just me?

NEWSFLASH: We’ve ALL (yes, Every. Single. One. of us) walk through these days. The ones that will put you flat on your backside. Those days where you feel abandoned, discontent, tired, anxious, or disappointed with where you are. We all have those moments when we look up to our Daddy and with desperate hearts cry out things like: “What are you doing?, Where are you at in this?, Why am I not hearing you or seeing you in this situation?, How did I get here?” The last several months of my life have been filled with much growth, much strength, much supernatural grace and joy, but also so so many of these moments. I have been faithfully praying and trusting God for direction-walking softly but boldly in The Lord, and literally all I am getting from the Lord is “Be still.” “Position Yourself, Stand Still, and Watch.” and “Wait on the Lord.” Like seriously, I hear or read one of these verses at least 10 times a week. In case any of you are wondering how to know if you’re hearing from the Lord ^^ good indication that you are. I’ve learned that while God does whisper, He is also consistent and patient, so He will remind you of what He’s already said so many times.

So this past week, I took a “me day.” A day to focus on nothing. A day to relax my mind and rest in His goodness. A day to just be quiet. And you know what, IT. WAS. HARD! So often, we become so wrapped up in the day to day routine that we forget that the God who created the universe, designed us to rest. My daily life consist of work and church mostly– both good things, but good intentions don’t always lead to the pathway of peace. Several verses have been resonating within my spirit this last week, but most of them point my back to this one question. Where do I find my sustenance and stability? Or to ask it a different way– What is the source of my joy, my strength, my hope? What is my anchor point? Psalms 1:3 says “He (the blessed man) is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not whiter. In all that he does, he prospers.” Or to quote it from the passion translation (one of my most favorites): “They will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, bearing fruits in every season of their lives. They are never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous.” My prayer for you, for me, for us is that we learn to anchor ourselves to the one who is able to sustain us in every season. The one that shines brightly and saturates us even in the desert, even in those dark moments of desperate cries for a move of God. I pray that we all become so anchored and rooted in Christ that we will bear fruit, life giving, life changing, chain breaking fruit in EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON of our lives. My prayer for us all is a face to face encounter with the overwhelming love, grace, mercy, and power of God.

I’m learning that life comes with a lot of unknowns, a lot of questions, a lot of steps by faith. So take that step. Make that decision. Face that unknown. Do it –fully knowing that you are fiercely loved, forever pursued, passionately protected by a God who can handle your questions, guide your steps, and lead you to your destiny while you remain at total rest in who He is.

So…. my sweet friend, are you willing to trust Him that much? Is your heart free enough to look fear in the face and proclaim the truth of God? Are you willing to let down those walls, learn to rest, and fully put your faith into a God that you sometimes can’t see or feel, but that is waiting for you to relinquish the control that you think you have, to the hands of the ONE that can give, meet, and abundantly fulfill every desire? Be free. Rest. Sit Still. Listen. He’s whispering. He’s here, even now. Right now… He’s calling your name, beckoning you to draw in close and tether yourself, your faith, your future to His unrelenting love! You can let go. It’s safe here, in this place, with Your Father. Get lost in His presence today. Rest in His goodness today.

Praying for you all,


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